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      About us

      Fortuna Digital Graphics Co., Ltd, short as FDG, is the prefessional supplier of digital printing and sign & signage industry in China, as well as one of largest enterprises of the industry. Its headquarter locates in the central area of Beijing Zhongguancun High-tech industrial district(China silicon valley). With  nearly 300 employees, the company has 10 branches/subsidiaries and 2 representative offices, forming a sales and service net all over the country. 

      FDG’s business covers manufacture, distribution, wholesales, retail and service of printing machines, softwares and media, engaging in sign & signage, photography, decoration, gift, packaging, textile printing, advertising and commercial. 

      FDG, the leading supplier of digital printing industry in China.

      Vision: Devote to the development of digital technology,  create beautiful life, make the dreams come true.

      Mission: Be the most respected company in its field

      Aim: Professional, Comprehensive, Outstanding 

      Idea: Provide the best service, create value to the customers